Digital Smile Design


At Healthy-Smile we strive to provide you the latest in dental treatments and that’s why we have brought another revolutionary system in our practice i.e. Dental GPS

GPS stands for Guide and Position Smile. It incorporates the latest technology using a digital imaging software and the M Ruler, a patented Digital Smile Design diagnostic device to help us diagnose and plan our patient’s smile makeover treatments in few minutes. Whether it is orthodontic, implants, dentures treatments, periodontics, prosthodontics we will help you bring your teeth and gums to where they need to be, to design the smile they have always dreamed of.

The GPS concept presents the dream treatment plan to our patient. Our patients can see beautiful and natural 2D facial picture made by guided morphing technology with the diagnostic device. The 2D to 3D transfer is so precise from the digital facial image that our patients will now save on both their time and money.

Dental GPS enables us to provide best treatments to our patients such as Orthodontic planning, to bring simple orthodontics guided by the Smile Design, Perio-plasty, designing procedures in accord with your Smile Design, CAD/CAM restorations, Implant rehabilitations and dentures.